My Favorite Meme's

A lighter fare this day, some of the memes I hav harvested over the years. Nothing serious here my dudes and dudettes, but hopefully more than one chuckle

My Favorite Meme's

When I was on Twitter and Facebook, I often joked that I was a meme-farmer. I have a directory on my local file server that has many gigabytes of memes that I have stolen over the years.

Some of them are product related, and some of them I am here to bequeath to you. There will likely be a few drops of these, to break up the serious posts.

Please, feel free to steal and share!

Yes, we are now a SAFe house, and I can confirm...

When you get a query from sales for a feature...

Never doubt yourself.

Yeah this resonates hard.

Yeah, I went there

Because not all product issues are our fault, #amirite?

I literally worked for a company whose VP of marketing said that their strategy was to sell more stuff to more people for more money. That is some funny shit right there!

Last one for this post:

For the engineer who just won't listen...

Thank you and good night!

Buon appetit!