About the Product Bistro

About the Product Bistro
Snap by the author from the pier in Amalfi, Italy

In the way back time of 2016, during a brief break in employment, the Product Bistro served its first dish of Product Management wisdom. In the past 8 years, it has been a vehicle to publish observations on the field of Product Management, live in corporate America, and Tech leadership wrapped up in a tasty meal.

About Geoff

Geoff began his Product journey in early 1998, when he stepped into a role to be the Product Marketing Manager for an in development measurement system for photomasks used to build chips.

After that, he decamped to spend some time in networking, industrial measurement and test equipment, enterprise communications software, nanotechnology, and finally to IT education and certifications.

Along the way, he has seen just about everything. The good, the bad, the ugly, the caustic, and some amazing heights of accomplishment.

He also posts at his fun page, SweatySpice's Corner, about his dogs at Greytbros, and he has an old blog at tralfaz.com

Why Bistro?

A little-known fact is that Geoff worked his way through college cooking and at one point was a sous chef at a country club, the roaming chef at a local chain of Italian restaurants, and even spent time working in downtown Saratoga at a boutique restaurant that served Mexican cuisine and fresh fish dishes (that was his favorite).

The restaurant theme feels homey, and comforting, a welcome port in the Product Management storm. Who knows, maybe one day he will share some of his recipes!

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