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A collection of posts that offer common, useful insight and information for product managers regardless of where in your product management journey.

Product Management - Simplified

What is product management? At its core, it is defining a need, working to develop a solution to fill that need, and then making sure that people who need can get it
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Engineering led? What to watch for

If you are in an engineering led organization, life as a product manager can face challenges. Go in with your eyes wide open.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Manager is not the Customer

A common flaw in product management is to confuse yourself with the customer. You aren't the customer, but you represent the customer in the process
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Product Manager's Survival Guide

Review: The Product Manager's Survival Guide. A worthy addition to any product manager's bookshelf, regardless of experience
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Structured Visits - Cross Functional Team

Structured Customer Visits are an important part of the product management repertoire. Building the right cross-functional team is key
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Structured Customer Visits

Sometimes it is as simple as just asking. Customer visits, structured to elicit information and needs are the life's blood of product management
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Importance of Market Segmentation

Segmentation of the market improves your ability to target and focus on what you can do, and for whom, ignoring distractions and time wasters
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Sales Channel Considerations

While the channel isn't usually product managements responsibility, understanding the typical channel structures can improve your relationships
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Pricing Foundations

Need to price something? This post can help you understand the basics. An initial overview of the concepts, and a lead in to more advanced topics
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management Reading List

Product Managers should be well read, and there are some "must haves" in your library. Far from a complete list, these are my go-to's
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Product Manager as CEO of the Product

The Product Manager as the CEO of the product? Hogwash. That myth is dispelled in this post, and good riddance!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

On Pricing - Getting to the Economic Value

A wonky post on getting to the economic value on the path to establishing a price. Good Product Management grist here!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson
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